Erich Gonzales as 'Maria La Del Barrio' Teaser!

She will once more capture Primetime! Get ready for her comeback on Primetime Bida this August! As the teaser say, "siya ang magpapainit ng ating tag-ulan!"

Erich Gonzales is our very own Pinay "Maria La Del Barrio." And everybody is really excited to see her portraying the role of Thalia's unforgettable character!

A quick teaser of "Maria La Del Barrio" focusing on the main character is already released by the Kapamilya network. After we watched Enchong Dee as Luis Fernando in the teaser, let's now see Erich Gonzales as our very own "Maria La Del Barrio." Here is the very quick teaser:

At first, they planned that this telenovela be shown on daytime as part of the Kapamilya Gold lineup. Thanks God that ABS-CBN changed their mind and put this on Primetime Bida!

"Maria La Del Barrio" is set to hit Primetime this coming month of August. But before that, let's enjoy first waiting new teasers and trailers of it! I'll share you more on my next succeeding posts! Good luck Enchong and Erich! c",)

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