Behind The Scene: The Making of 'Teen Wolf!'

"Teen Wolf" is another promising must-see TV series about werewolf. It is all about the story of a young high school student named Scott McCal who turns to be a human werewolf after being bitten by an unknown creature in the dark forest!

Sexy hot young Hollywood actor Tyler Posey plays the character of a "Teen Wolf." He shows his sexy hot yummy body whenever he transforms into a wild creature.

Do you already knew how this exciting TV series was made?! Well, let's join Tyler as he tells us about the making of "Teen Wolf." Here is a short behind the scene video of this another hot werewolf TV series. Let's all watch this:

Amazing! All the staffs and crews of this newest hit US TV series really ensure the state of the arts caliber of the show! Nice one!

"Teen Wolf" just premiered on Asia this Sunday, July 17, 2011 through AXN Beyond channel. But actually, it started in US last June 5, 2011. This is an original TV series of MTV channel!

Another two thumbs up to this newest show! c",)

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