AZKALS' Anton Del Rosario Promotes Facebook's Alter Space!

Seems that this AZKALS' hottie Anton Del Rosario is today's favorite endorser. After his latest Smart C+ juice drinks, here comes another!

Anton Del Rosario promotes the Facebook hit game Alter Space! Alter Space is a Filipino-made environment-friendly online game. And Anton is the face of this said game.

Here is the said commercial of Alter Space featuring the yummy heartthrob Anton Del Rosario of AZKALS. Let's all watch this:

We're unsure if that said endorsement is already released or shown on TV as a TV commercial. But though not often seen on TV, the said video clipping already got many views and visits on the internet!

Aside from this Alter Space game and Smart C+ juice drinks, Anton was also seen in the Cortal TV commercial with co-AZKALS' teammate Neil Etheridge!

Great one Anton! You're such a cute endorser! Everyone really attracted to try the product you're endorsing! Nice! (TV Series Craze)

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