Mario Maurer's Other Hit Movie Called 'The Love of Siam' to be Tagalized Soon?!

How true that the other hit movie of this Thai young heartthrob called "The Love of Siam" will be Tagalized and will be aired soon on Philippine television?!

Rumors and requests from avid fans of this hot Thai actor spread after the airing of his other hit teenage movie "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" last Sunday morning via ABS-CBN's "Kapamilya Blockbuster". And take note, that said premiere of the movie dominate the TV rating race both in AGB Mega Manila and in Kantar Nationwide TV rating games! It took the No. 1 spots and got ratings higher than "ASAP Rocks", "The Buzz", and "Good Vibes" which were all former leaders of the weekend daytime ratings! What more, the ratings garnered by the said Thai movie were really high noting that it was aired on the earlier timeslot! Wow!

Because of the success of the Tagalog-dubbed version of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" or "First Love", people are requesting now for a Tagalog version of Mario's other hit film called "The Love of Siam" to be aired here in the Philippines the same thing they did in his first movie!

But the question goes, will this request be granted since "The Love of Siam" is a controversial film?! Yup, this is a gay-themed movie featuring the sexual romance of two teenage boys (one of them is played by Mario). And there is a kissing scene between Mario and the other lead male character!

But on the said movie, Mario Maurer won Best Actor in the Southeast Asian film category at the 10th Cinemanila International Film Festival. His performance was described as “Mature acting choices within a wide range of situations. Beneath a calm and placid external demeanor his performance he displayed a rich inner struggle dealing with emotional burdens, with family, friends, his social circle and his romantic and sexual awakening!”

Yup, the movie is as good as Mario's first one with moral lessons. But it's too sensational that tackles a same sex relationship between two young men! Do you think this will be allowed to be shown on Philippine TV?! Let's wait and see! Probably, they will cut some sensational scenes when they air it on TV!

And if the request will prosper, we can also watch the Tagalized version of it on the Kapamilya network! Good luck! c",)

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