The Cute Teasers of the Tagalized 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love!'

Finally, the hit Thai movie called "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" will finally premiere in the Kapamilya network. This will be shown this coming Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 10:15 am in their "Kapamilya Blockbuster".

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" also known as "First Love" is a teenage romance-comedy flick focusing on the story of first love, infatuation, high school life, and teenage crush. It stars the Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer.

The story revolves around Seon and Namnam. Their light romantic love story really inspires many teenagers and young at heart!

On my last post I have shared with you the full trailer of this blockbuster movie. Now, I have compiled the cute short teasers of it. So, let's watch these and reminisce our first love! Here they go:

The airing of this Thai movie marks the start of airing Thai TV series on Philippine television! Yup, ABS-CBN will bring us different TV series from Thailand the way they did in bringing us Asianovelas from Korea, Taiwan, and China and of Latinovelas from Austria, Mexico, and Venezuela.

Aside from "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", there are rumors that the Kapamilya network will also air on Philippine TV the other hit movie of Mario Maurer called "Love of Siam"! For sure, many will truly await for that!

So reserve your seat in front of your TV this Sunday morning and be inspire with the cute love story of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love!" It's 'kilig' on the highest level! C",)

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