Rhian Ramos Leads ‘Spooky Nights Presents: Snow White Lady and the Seven Ghosts’

Rhian Ramos now takes the lead in the weekend horror-comedy mini series "Spooky Nights Presents". Rhian plays the character of Snow in the new story called "Spooky Nights Presents: Snow White Lady and the Seven Ghosts".

Yup, this is inspired with the hit fairytale "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" but this time, they put horror and comedy to it!

Here's the quick plot of the story:

Snow is a young girl abducted by a vengeful and haunted balete tree named Rico J. Puno. She grew up in the care of Basya (Ms. Celia Rodriguez), one of seven ghosts who reside in the haunted tree.

She was living perfectly as a ghost until a secret about her past is revealed when a spirit questor named Prince (Daniel Matsunaga) enters her life. She easily falls for him and saves his life from danger.

Later, Prince finds out that Snow White Lady is not a ghost at all, but is only a confused person. He then decides to help Snow look for her family.

Unfortunately, the seven ghosts would not let go of Snow and Basya just cannot set free the daughter she has raised for so long. Thus, she thinks of a way to keep Snow from returning to her normal life as a human.

Part of the cast and characters are Lovely Rivero as Lilia and Richard Quan as Dante, Snow’s parents; Angeli Nicole Sanoy as the young Snow; with the other ghosts comprised of Ms. Bella Flores as Lolita, Diego as Greta, John Feir as Sneezy, Jan Manual as Sleepy, Enzo Pineda as Doc and Yogo Singh as Gasper.

This new episode of "Spooky Nights Presents" premiere this coming Saturday, June 4, 2011 right before "Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho" on the Kapuso network! c",)

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