The Car Trends!

Cars and other things related to cars are trending nowadays. Almost everyday, we hear different news pertaining to cars. Even in the hit TV series "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin," cars and carnapping became highlights in one of its chapters.

Right now, I'm starting to be a car enthusiast. Now that we're in the modern day, cars are also evolving. New designs come out in the market. More new features, more hi-tech, more inline with the modern age!

What type of car do you love most?!

LinkWell, if you will ask me, I will promptly say, I love exotic cars! Yeah, those cars with a unique design and with features fully equipped with modern touch!

For some, they were afraid to own those types of cars I love since they find it hard to repair it. But if they were aware about a certain car repair site, there's no need to worry! That said site gives everything about car repairs including unbiased and independent estimates! Cool!

My types of cars were even showcased in "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin." The group of Javier (Coco Martin) headed by the hunk actor Franco Daza who plays the character of Iñigo trips to collect different types of cars. And they did it in unusual ways!

Cars today are not anymore a leisure. They were already a demand and a need since today, many of us were experiencing commuters' problems. So for some, owning a car is a practical approach to solve such problems! c",)

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