Unstoppable Revelations in 'Mula Sa Puso!'

More and more revelations are taking place in this hit 2011 TV series remake "Mula Sa Puso". Secrets were exploding like a bomb!

Last week, the main character Via (Lauren Young) finally knew that Magda (Dawn Zulueta) is her real biological mom. She even knew that her auntie Selina (Eula Valdez) has an evil plan to them.

Magda's life was even put in danger when Selina tried to kill her. Thanks God, she able to survive the bullet of the killer gun!

Now in the upcoming episode, Don Fernando (Ariel Rivera) finally discover from the own mouth of Selina that she killed his wife Criselda (Assunta De Rosi). Selina then receives a big 'sampal' from the very angry Don Fernando!

What more will Don Fernando do to his evil half-sister knowing her true bad actions? Will Selina be forced out in the mansion?!

The new story of "Mula Sa Puso" is now moving on a fast phase. Are we now nearer to the much-awaited bus bombing scene wherein Selina who laughs very loud like a demon explodes the bus where Via is in?! What more new secrets will unfold?!

Well, these are some of things we need to find out every night in "Mula Sa Puso". This hit pre-Primetime TV series remake is now climbing its peak of excitement! Expect for more new twists. Expect for more new breath-taking scenes! Go, go, go! c",)

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