Switching Characters Tonight in Two Newest Koreanovelas!

There is a Koreanovela Showdown tonight on Primetime! Kapamilya network and Kapuso station will offer us two newest Koreanovelas that will captivate our hearts and desires!

Two Asian dramas from two rival networks! All is about the switching of characters. The first one will switch from a simple plain housewife to a hip rockstar. The other one will switch genders from a boy to a girl and vice versa! Which of these two will you watch?!

Here are the two newest Korean TV series that will both premiere tonight on Primetime:

Switching from a Housewife to a Rockstar!

Switching from a Boy to a Girl!

Vivian is back. The so-called Queen of Asianovela, Kim Jung Eun is now Solenn! She is an unhappy plain housewife who will divorce her attorney husband to pursue her dream of being a rock star! With her friends, they will form the all-girl group band called the Comeback Madonna!

Erika of "Memories of Bali" and Hyun Bin of "My Name is Kim Sam Soon" return in a fantasy romance-comedy Koreanovela. They have two opposing characters. But their characters, their gender will interchange after drinking a magical water one night!

Change, change, change! This is the major theme of these newest Kapamilya and Kapuso Primetime Asianovelas! "I Am Legend" will rock our world starting tonight in Primetime Bida right after "Green Rose"! "Secret Garden" on the other hand will change our habits also starting tonight in Telebabad right after "I Heart You Pare"!

It's definitely a showdown of Koreanovelas starting tonight on Primetime! Which of these two will you avidly watch?! It's your choice! Good luck! c",)

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