The Full Trailer of 'I Am Legend!'

The so-called Queen of Asianovelas Kim Jung Eun is back! And she will definitely rock our Primetime starting tomorrow night, May 2, 2011! Previously known as Vivian in the hit "Lovers in Paris", Kim Jung Eun is now the rock star Solenn in "I Am Legend"!

Solen is a simple housewife who, after divorcing her husband, pursued her dream of being a rockstar.

Ever since she got married to rich and famous lawyer Jerrod Cha (Kim Seung Soo), Solenn’s life has been controlled by her husband and even by her mother-in-law. She endured everything until one day, she decided to break free when they stopped her from helping her dying sister. They didn't allow her to donate her bone marrow to her needy dying sister since according to them, once she got married, her body is also owned by her husband.

Here is the full trailer of "I Am Legend" which is currently airs on ABS-CBN. Let's all watch this to see the story flow:

With her new found freedom, Solenn will go back to her first and true love— music. Together with her friends, they will form a band and follow a path towards stardom. Along the way, a new man will be playing good music with Solenn— their band’s manager Tristan (Lee Joon Hyuk). As she give her dream another shot, will Solenn also give another shot at love? What will she do when her former husband Jerrod wants her back?

"I Am Legend" took the timeslot of "Green Rose". "Green Rose" then was moved on an earlier timeslot taking the timeslot of "Imortal". This is directly pitted against GMA-7's newest Koreanovela, "Secret Garden" which is also set to premiere tomorrow night in their Telebabad block.

Welcome back Vivian! You are a certified legend of Koreanovelas! Aja! Aja! c",)

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