The Final Struggle of 'Mutya!'

What will be the final destiny that awaits Mutya?! Will she able to surpass all the trials and hardships given to her by the villains around her?!

The Kapamilya fantaserye "Mutya" is already on its last week! Two nights to go, it will finally bid goodbye! How did the story of it be concluded?!

In the recent episode, Mutya already joined her real parents Irvin (Alfred Vargas) and Cordella (Precious Lara Guigaman). The former lover is now starting to reconcile. They both agreed for the custody of Mutya. Three days a week, Mutya will be on the sea with King Irvin while the remaining four days, Mutya will be with Cordella on the land.

But another tragedy started! Mutya was captured by her greedy grandmother Madam Delilah (Sandy Andolong) and brought her to the carnival (perya). There, she is watched by people singing!

Since the magic pearl was even got by Madam Delilah, King Irvin has no way to gain feet! Therefore he decided to crawl on the seashore and willingly allow himself to be captured by the fishermen and be brought on the carnival!

Successfully, King Irvin was brought in the carnival and reunited with Mutya! But the question goes, will he able to rescue her daughter Mutya from the evil hands?! What then will be the reaction of Cordella knowing that her mother Delilah is the mastermind of Mutya's kidnap?! Will she totally get angry with her mother?!

How about the event under the sea?! Will the mermaid Nerissa (Niña Jose) able to survive?! How will her evil mother Octopina (Malou Crisologo) seek revenge?!

Well, these are just some of the most exciting chapters we need to witness in the finale of "Mutya" this coming Friday! Get ready to be touched by the emotional succeeding two last episodes of "Mutya" only in Primetime Bida right after 'TV Patrol"! c",)

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