Breath-Taking Revelations in the Last Two Weeks of 'Green Rose!'

More new revelations, breath-taking and surprising new chapters, and action-packed scenes await the last two weeks of "Green Rose!"

This Philippine adaptation of the hit 2005 Koreanovela is getting more and more intense as it yet to face its final episode. And each day, the last 10 days of this teleserye represent something.

The 9TH to the last day episode is entitled "Pag-asa" while the last night's episode, the 8TH's was entitled "Pagdududa". In the last 9 nights, Angela (Anne Curtis) is still hoping that Jerome (Jericho Rosales) is alive and their love story will soon revive that's why it was titled as such. On the other hand, the last night's episode gave doubt to Edward (Jake Cuenca) that Lee Jung Sun is actually Jerome so he intended to get the finger print of the latter!

"Pag-asa" and "Pagdududa"...what will be the next?! Well, it's for us to see!

More unexpected scenes will surprise the viewers in the last seven nights of "Green Rose"! Who do you think is the real mastermind behind the attempted murder of Chairman (Ricardo Cepeda)?! Is it really Edward behind all these crimes or there's another person rather than Edward?! Will Angela and Jerome be back in each others' arm?! How about Geena (Alessandra De Rosi) and Edward?!

Don't miss the last two weeks or the seven last nights of "Green Rose" right after "Mara Clara" only in the top-rating ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida! Keep it up! c",)

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