Zaijan Jaranilla Returns on TV This Saturday via 'Wansapanataym!'

Many really missing this child wonder of our present generation. After his top-rating fantasy series "Noah" with Piolo Pascual, he was rarely seen on TV. His rumored next TV series project which is "Cedie: Ang Munting Prinsipe" is not yet confirmed.

Zaijan Jaranilla will finally return on TV this Saturday via another fantasy anthology. Zaijan plays the role of a wimpy kid who turns into a bully in “Wansapanataym” !

Zaijan portray the character of Elmer. “Nakakatuwa po yung karakter ko dito. Normal po ako na bata dito...Hehehe pero madalas na inaasar,” the child superstar shared.

The story revolves around the child Elmer. He is weak and wimpy. He is always bullied by a big boy Boyong.

But one day, an old woman with extra-ordinary power reverses the situation. She changes Boyong to a little wimpy boy! On the other hand, Elmer becomes the big bully!

Will Elmer take the opportunity to seek vengeance to Boyong?!

When asked if Zaijan is a bully or a naughty child in real life, the miracle boy immediately answered, “Hindi po! Mapagbiro po minsan pero di po ako bully.”

Well, let's all witness how Zaijan return on TV this Saturday in another exciting and magical episode of "Wansapanataym" only in ABS-CBN! Nice! c",)

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