Tak Gu's Final Destiny in 'The Baker King' This Friday!

Fans and viewers will truly miss this adorable, courage, and captivating Tak Gu, the lead character in everyone's favorite Primetime Koreanovela, "The Baker King"!

"The Baker King" will finally bid goodbye this Friday, April 29, 2011 in GMA Telebabad.

Since the TV series started in January this year, Filipinos have come to love the life story of Tak Gu, the baker king of the story. His fight, his struggle in life, and his dream to be a very good baker which he attained in the end inspire many people. Even his love for the girl Eula puts 'kilig' in the heart of the audience. Even the Korean actor Yoon Shi Yoon who portrayed the role of Tak Gu becomes closer to all of us! His supposed to be visit here in the Philippines was very much awaited. Many got disappointed when it didn't prosper!

Now in the final episode of "The Baker King", expect that Tak Gu will still impart more lessons in life as he faces his last struggle.

What will happen to Tak Gu and Matthew in the end?! Will they finally be in good hands now?! How about the villains Roman and Sandra who put deception and pain to Tak Gu?! And will Tak Gu find his true love after Eula ties the knot with Matthew?!

Well, let's all witness this very inspiring and spirit-lifting finale of "The Baker King" this Friday right after "I Heart You Pare". "The Baker King" truly lifts the ratings of the Kapuso Primetime! c",)

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