Gael-Olive or Jethro-Olive in the Last Battle of 'Imortal'?!

Aside from the unpredictable twists and breath-taking fight scenes in the story, another thing that truly awaited by its million viewers is the love triangle between Gael (Bryan Santos), Olive (Marlann Flores), and Jethro (Dino Imperial). Their love story puts 'kilig' in this hit TV series.

Who do you think will Olive choose between the 'gabay' Jethro and the vampire Gael?! Who is your bet between these two young hunks for Olive?!

Gael and Olive

Jethro and Olive

There is a chemistry between Olive and Jethro and between Olive and Gael. In the story, Olive was first paired with Jethro and Gael just seems to be a third party between them. But as many noticed the a chemistry between the Olive-Gael tandem, they paired Olive to Gael and Jethro was left behind.

When Olive becomes a vampire, she becomes closer now to Gael. And Jethro who is the first crush and close friend of Olive left alone doing his responsibility as the werewolves' fortuneteller. Even in the party of the werewolves-vampire union, when Olive was invited to dance by both Gael and Jethro, Olive chose Gael!

But in the recent episodes, it was revealed that Gael is the spy of the group of Magnus (Jake Roxas). He is actually the traitor in the group of good vampires. He even joined the bad vampires in their attack of the ASEAN Summit.

Now that Gael is turning bad, will the story ended for Jethro and Olive together?! What then will happen to Gael if that's the case?! But in last night's episode, Gael is secretly seeing Olive. Will Gael change his mind and return his loyalty to the group of Olive?!

Jethro-Olive or Gael-Olive...who do you want to be together in the end?! Maybe your decision for Olive's lovelife will be chosen in the exciting final episode of "Imortal"! Good luck! May the best man win! c",)

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