Romantic Kissing Scenes of Lizelle and Ethan in 'My Princess!'

Everybody is now getting crazy over this newest kilig Koreanovela of the Kapamilya network "My Princess"! The tandem of the hottest Korean stars namely Song Seung-Heon and Kim Tae-Hee portraying Ethan and Lizelle posted a perfect chemistry!

The most awaited part in this romantic-comedy TV series is the kissing scene of Ethan and Lizelle. Well, be the first to see how romantic this couple is during their 100% kilig kissing scenes. Here are some:

So romantic! Ethan and Lizelle are now the two hottest characters in a Korean TV series who are very much loved now by million of viewers!

In every scenes of Ethan and Lizelle, humor and kilig collided! As many says, they are like cats and dogs fighting with romance! 'Carino brutal' in layman's term!

In the recent episode of this Koreanovela, Lizelle already knew that she has a royal blood. She is the long lost granddaughter of a monarch. She is the heiress that will continue the monarchy in their generation.

Ethan brought Lizelle to her grandfather. And as his task, he will be the one to teach the new found princess with a good manner a royal princess should act!

Now that Ethan and Lizelle are always together, how far can their closeness go?! And will love finally emerge between these two persons with opposing characters?!

Well, let's watch and feel the 100% kilig in this hottest and craziest Asianovela in the afternoon, "My Princess" only in ABS-CBN's "Kapamilya Gold"! Nice! c",)

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