Pokwang and Melai Cantiveros Together in Heavy Drama Roles in 'MMK' This Saturday!

Two of the hottest comedian today Pokwang and Melai Cantiveros will be seen in heavy dramatic roles in another heart-breaking episode of "Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK)" this Saturday!

Pokwang and Melai are always been compared. They are pitted against each other since they two have a resemblance and similarity. But according to them, they are not actually rivals. Rather, they admire one another!

Many people even requested to see both Pokwang and Melai together in TV or movie. According to viewers, the role of a mother and daughter perfectly fits them!

Seems that the request of many was granted this Saturday as Pokwang and Melai starred together in "MMK". Here is a quick teaser of this said "MMK" episode featuring Pokwang and Melai:

The story is focus on the girl named Carol. Her real mother gave her to other family. She grew up being an adopter daughter!

When Carol gave birth to her own child, she did the same way her mother did to her. She also gave her own child to other family but later on, she realized her fault and wants to have back her child!

Pokwang played the character of Carol. Melai on the other hand played the young Carol. Yup, both Pokwang and Melai portray the same character but in different time.

This is another challenging role for Pokwang and Melai. It is another test for their versatility being an actress since they can shift from comedy to drama.

This said episode is under the direction of Veronica Velasco and is written by Rose Colindres. Good luck Pokwang and Melai! c",)

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