Diego Loyzaga Finally Appears as Derrick in 'Mara Clara!'

The much-awaited appearance of the newest Kapamilya teen heartthrob in the top-rating TV series "Mara Clara" finally takes place this week! Diego Loyzaga plays the character of Derrick!

Diego is the son of showbiz royalties Cesar Montano and Teresa Loyzaga. He is only 15 years old. He just recently signed a three-year exclusive contract with ABS-CBN. And his first project in the Kapamilya network is "Mara Clara".

The character of Derrick is originally portrayed by Rico Yan in the original version of "Mara Clara". He is the other love interest of Mara (Judy Ann Santos) in the original story.

If you can still recall, Derrick in the original version is a doctor who saves the life of Mara after she was gunshot. Derrick, Christian, and Mara became love triangle in the original story.

Now in the remake of "Mara Clara", Derrick's character is slightly changed. Derrick in the new "Mara Clara" is an adopted son. He is adopted by the province's mayor. The mayor treated him very good but the entire family didn't loved him! He grew up in the street. He is a swimmer in the new "Mara Clara"!

The teaser of this week's episode of "Mara Clara" already showed how Derrick and Mara (Kathryn Bernardo) met. It seems that Derrick also saves the life of Mara after she fall down from their boat!

Now in the new "Mara Clara", will Derrick also be Mara's another love interest aside from Christian (Albie Casiño)? Will Derrick also play a vital role to Clara (Julia Montes)?! And how true that Diego is Julia's new love team in "Mara Clara" replacing John Manalo who is portraying the role of Eris?!

These are some of the exciting new twists we should need to watch out in the country's No. 1 Primetime TV series today, "Mara Clara"! Nice! Good luck Diego! c",)

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