The 'ASAP Rocks' Showstoppers Teaser!

"You Know Their Faces. You Know Their Names. You Know Their Voice!" This is the slogan of the teaser of this Sunday's episode of the Kapamilya hit variety show "ASAP Rocks"!

The teaser showcased the different "ASAP Rocks" mainstays and performers. Just like the teaser states, these 'ASAP Rocks" artists were all known worldwide. There's no need to tag a name or label the TV screen whenever they are performing the way the rival show did! Tell me who didn't know them?

Well, let's all watch this cool symbolic teaser of "ASAP Rocks" for this Sunday:

If the teaser is great, what more the actual show?! And of course, expect more surprising numbers to watch! Keep it up "ASAP Rocks"! You truly rocks! c",)

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