Who Are The People Responsible for Elisa's Lost in 'Nasaan Ka, Elisa?!'

Who do you think are the people responsible for the mysterious lost of Elisa?!

The daytime block of the Kapanmilya network will be wrapped with mystery as this newest Philippine adaptation starts. "Nasaan Ka, Elisa?" is another Latinovela remake which originated in Chile. It becomes a phenomenal success in Puerto Rico and in the USA. It's original title is “Dónde Está Elisa?”

The main character Elisa will be portrayed by Ms. Melissa Ricks. But aside from her, do you already know her family, friends, and all the people around her?!

Well, let's start to get to know the different characters revolving around the life of Elisa. Know their different characteristics and start to form your conclusion on who among them is the real mastermind! Many thanks to starmometer and kapamilyology for the descriptions of the characters! Here they go:

Albert Martinez as Altamira

Mariano is a 45-year old successful business tycoon; a man who takes pride in his family. He is a perfectionist not only personally but professionally who managed to save his father’s business empire from bankruptcy. He is considered a good role model and a born leader; the one his family looks to for strength especially in difficult times. He is a very conservative man who is very protective of his three daughters. His greatest fear is the possibility of something destroying his “perfect” family. His world is turned upside down when Elisa disappears, it will cause him to doubt his “perfect” life and the people in it.

Agot Isidro as Dana Altamira

Dana is Mariano’s 42-year old wife. She is beautiful, demure and always present at social gatherings. She seems like the perfect wife but in reality, although she admires her husband’s principles, she sometimes feels stifled. It is not in her nature to complain, always classy and poised, she manages to smile through all the obligations that come with being the wife of such a powerful man. She is a good mother who always puts her family first. Because she came from a broken family, she will do anything to keep her family together. Her marriage with Mariano has been solid but as they try to find Elisa, will it crumble under the pressure?

Melissa Ricks as Elisa Altamira

Elisa, the “Desaparecidos,” is Mariano and Dana’s 18-year-old daughter. She is the eldest of 3 siblings; being groomed to take over their family’s business empire one day;Respectful, responsible and well-loved in the community. Although Mariano won’t admit it, it’s obvious that she is his favorite daughter. Elisa is the type of girl who gets what she wants and tries to always please her parents. Although she is a pampered heiress, she still takes time to help out the community by organizing charity events. She is assertive, opinionated and she is what could be considered a “perfect daughter” or is she? Why would a girl everybody loves vanish without a trace?

Mickey Ferriols as Viviana Rincon

Viviana is Cecille and Mariano’s sister. She is the middle child and is often described as the “peacemaker” of the siblings. Although she comes from one of the richest families, she is unable to manage money well and for some time, she suffered from a gambling problem. Viviana became a “prodigal” daughter because she squandered a lot of their family’s money to sustain her gambling addiction. Since she is buried in debt, could she have resorted to desperate measures like kidnapping her own niece?

Vina Morales as Cecille Caceres

Cecille is Mariano’s ambitious, competitive sister. Sosyalera; A “fashionista” who is very manipulative. She is used to getting she wants and she’ll do anything to get her way. She has a live-in partner named Bruno and a son from a previous marriage named Edward. She is very intelligent and a great businesswoman. Despite some hidden resentment because Mariano doesn’t approve of Bruno, she remains a supportive sister. Her ambition is to replace her brother as their company’s president.Could her resentment have driven her to do something to hurt Mariano?

Joem Bascon as Cristobal Rivas

Cristobal is police officer in his mid-30s who specializes in kidnapping cases. Cristobal is assigned to lead the investigation on Elisa Altamira’s disappearance. He is an intelligent NBI agent who is so focused on work that he is sometimes described by colleagues as being “anti-social”. The investigation on Elisa’s mysterious disappearance causes some ghosts of his dark past to resurface. He becomes so involved with wanting to solve this case that he begins to deal with his own issues in the process. Will he be able to solve the mystery behind what really happened to Elisa and will he finally be able to be at peace with his dark past?

Eric Fructuoso as Bruno De Silva

Bruno is Cecille’s live-in partner who comes from a poor family. He has often been called a “gold digger” because he and Cecille are from different social backgrounds. Their age difference also becomes somewhat of an issue. He has a good relationship with the kids of the Altamira clan and a buddy to everyone. He works for the Altamira’s company but harbors some bitterness towards Mariano because he is never promoted. Knowing that it would destroy Mariano, could he be the one behind Elisa’s disappearance?

Franco Daza as Santi Rincon

Santi is the 19-year old adopted son of Viviana and Joey. He is accepted as part of the clan but he still secretly feels like an outsider. Santi feels that Elisa is the only one who truly accepts him. They have a close relationship but maybe they’re “too” close? Could his attachment to Elisa have anything to do with her disappearance? Could he have the answers that can solve this mystery?

Aldred Gatchalian as Edward Caceres

Edward is Cecille’s 19-year old son from a previous marriage. He resents his cousin Santi because he thinks their family likes him better. He is an introvert who harbors unexpressed angst. Since he’s jealous of Santi, could he have been jealous of Santi and Elisa’s closeness? Could he be the one who knows where Elisa is?

Christopher Roxas as Joey Rincon

Joey is Viviana’s husband who is a bit younger than her. He is a good husband but he’s dealing with some personal issues of his own. He also works for the Altamira’s company but unlike Cecille, he is not really good at business, he only sucks up to Mariano to get ahead professionally. What could he have to do with Elisa’s disappearance? Could he be smarter than everyone thinks he is?

Allen Dizon as Nick

Nick is Mariano’s close confidant and best friend since high school who works as an accountant for the Altamiras. Mariano trusts him and they have been allies through every storm of life. He once joked kidnapping Elisa would make him rich, but did he take his own joke seriously? He remains faithful to Mariano despite everything but does Mariano truly know his best friend. Nick, like many of the people in Mariano’s life, has some secrets of his own.

Desiree Del Valle as Giselle Santillan

Giselle is respected detective who has been Cristobal’s colleague for many years. She and Cristobal work together to solve the mystery behind Elisa’s disappearance. She has developed feelings for Cristobal over the years but she’s never revealed this to him. Will Giselle act on her feelings when she discovers that Cristobal is beginning to fall in love with someone else?

Isabella De Leon as Chrissy Altamira

Chrissy is Elisa’s 16-year old younger sister. She harbors jealousy towards her older sister but ultimately looks up to her. Crissy is a quiet, obedient daughter who harbors angst toward her father because she thinks he has always loved Elisa more than her. Could jealousy have blinded this young girl to harm her own sister?

Alexa Ilacad as Ella Altamira

Ella is Mariano and Dana’s youngest daughter. She looks up to her sister Elisa and is so attached to her. Elisa’s disappearance affects her greatly but as the search continues, will she find strength and finally open up to her other sister Chrissy?

So do you have a clue now if who among these people is the true mastermind and responsible in the lost of Elisa?!

What do you think of this newest soap of the Kapamilya network? Do you think this will save the ratings of the daytime block of ABS-CBN since the rival Kapuso network is leading in the daytime?! Let's wait and see! It seems that this new show is very unique and promising! Keep it up! c",)

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