Vice Ganda and Kim Chiu Together in 'Your Song Presents!"

This Sunday, our bored afternoon will be filled with laughter as the comedian Vice Ganda joins Kim Chiu in a special comedy-light drama episode of "Your Song Presents Kim".

Vice and Kim will play the character of siblings. Kim will give life to the character of a fashion designer Justine while Vice will be Mars, Justine's Kuya!

After the death of Justine and Mars' parents, Mars takes the role of Justine's father. Justine grew up with a great admiration to his Kuya. While Kim is a fashion designer in Manila, Mars then is working in USA but as an impersonator which Justine didn't know!

Justine is about to marry Robert (Rafael Rosell). And because of this, Mars arrives in Manila.

Let's all watch this quick teaser of "Your Song Presents Kim" with Vice Ganda this Sunday. Here it goes:

How did Justine handles the truth that her elder brother Mars is actually not a real man?! Will Justine's groom accept his Kuya who is really an Ate?!

Well, it's another exciting new episode this Sunday in "Your Song Presents Kim". It's really a laughing out loud all the way!

Vice and Kim praised one another. Kim admires Vice for being a great comedian while Vice on the other hand was inspired by Kim Chiu's acting! According to Vice, Kim can effectively portray different roles! Nice!

Aside from this Sunday's episode of "Your Song Presents", do you want to see Kim and Vice together in one big TV series or movie project?! Let's see! c",)

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  1. wah!! anyone knows the tittle of the song kim and vice ganda danced in the last scene? tnx..