Some Remarkable and Memorable Scenes from the Original 'Mula Sa Puso!'

Everybody is really excited for another breath-taking TV series remake this 2011. All is waiting for the biggest comeback in our new generation of this so-called Primera Soap Opera, "Mula Sa Puso"!

After I revealed the new cast and characters of "Mula Sa Puso", let's take a look if they will fit their corresponding roles. And let see if the Kapamilya network can revive these most unforgettable and most memorable scenes and chapters from the original "Mula Sa Puso" TV series!

Let's look back at these most important chapters of "Mula Sa Puso" which put the emotions of viewers upside down! Let's all watch these:

The Undying Character of Selina

The Breath-Taking Via and Selina Finale Fight

Finale Showing The Whole Cast

ABS-CBN already airs a quick teaser of the "Mula Sa Puso" remake by showing another scene excerpt from the original featuring the scene wherein main villain Selina (Princess Punzalan) laughing like a devil after exploding the bus of Via (Claudine Barretto)!

On this generation's "Mula Sa Puso", the three lead stars who will reprise the roles of Claudine Barretto, Rico Yan, and Diether Ocampo are Lauren Young, JM De Guzman, and Enrique Gil. The primera kontrabida Selina originally played by Princess Punzalan will now reprise by Eaula Valdez. Then Jacklyn Jose's character as Magda is now for Dawn Zulueta!

Do you think the new "Mula Sa Puso" can also revive these most important scenes above?! Or we will improve it more?! We'll see!

The new "Mula Sa Puso" is set to air this second quarter of 2011. Their first taping day already started last February 25, 2011. The original director Wenn Deramas is also the director of this another exciting TV series remake! c",)

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