The New Costume of 'Captain Barbell!'

Richard Gutierrez is now having a hectic schedule for taping the highly budgeted GMA-7 fantasy series "Captain Barbell"! Majority of the scenes he is taping right now are the scenes wherein he is wearing the new "Captain Barbell" costume.

"Captain Barbell" 2011 will have a new costume. Yup, this is different and is more improve than the previous costume Richard wore in the first Captain Barbell" TV series which aired last 2006.

The designer of the new Captain Barbell" costume as well as the production designer is Peter Collias. Yup, he is the designer of "The Matrix" and "Moulin Rouge". Above is how the new Captain Barbell" costume looks like!

That said Hongkong made costume is one of the reason why "Captain Barbell" is very much awaited. And the Kapuso network is very proud for this big telefantasya on Primetime!

The premiere telecast of "Captain Barbell" is moved to March 28 since the said costume was adjusted to fit the body of Richard. Richard is slimmer now so his costume needs to be adjusted to perfectly fits him!

Dominic Zapata is the director of this very promising fantasy TV series.

Well, are you excited for the comeback of Richard Gutierrez in Primetime again as "Captain Barbell"? Do you think this will save the Primetime rating of the Kapuso network?! We'll see. Good luck Richard! Keep on soaring higher! c",)

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