Kris Bernal's Entry in 'Machete' Didn't Able to Raise Its Ratings!

It seems that the decision of including Aljur Abrenica's ka-loveteam Kris Bernal is a bit failure! Even though Kris becomes the new love interest of Aljur in "Machete", still it can't beat the rival program!

Kris Bernal portrays the character of Jessa. She was the one who cured the wounded Machete after his battle. Afterwards, Machete/Dakila fall inlove with her. Until they got married in the recent episode!

Instead of increasing the rating of the said Telebabad fantaserye, it was continuously vested by its former rival "Mara Clara"! "Mara Clara" continue to soar higher and higher while "Machete" sunk. Therefore, the management decided to move its timeslot. It was placed on the last list of Telebabad lineup taking the previous timeslot of "Baker King". "I Heart You Pare" then took the former timeslot of "Machete".

On its current timeslot, there were times that "Machete" won over its new rivals "Green Rose" and "Cinderella's Sister".

It seems that Kris Bernal's addition in the said TV series didn't pull up the ratings of "Machete". Viewers even dismayed with the flow of the story! The love story of "Machete" didn't anymore focused to Machete and Aginaya (Bella Padilla) or to the love triangle of Machete/Dakila, Rosella, and Marla (Ryza Ceñon). Rather, they emphasized the story to the newly entered Jessa (Kris Bernal) and Dakila. The so-called epic twist was then deteriorated!

If I were to ask, maybe it's a good decision to move the timeslot of "Machete" rather than including Kris Bernal to it. If they move the timeslot of "Machete" earlier in its new timeslot then not anymore including Kris, maybe now "Machete" can still survive the stiff Primetime competition!

With the not so good fate of "Machete", so sad that it's already now on its second to the last week! We actually didn't felt its presence! Hayz..."sayang na sayang ang magandang katawan ni Aljur...!"

Hopefully next time, GMA-7 can think of a better tactic or better game plan for their TV series to survive! Still, we're looking forward for the success of this TV series thought its already on its second to the last week! And we're wishing for more better projects for Aljur Abrenica to come in the future plus new leading ladies. Keep the ball rolling Aljur, Bella, and Ryza! c",)

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