Eula Valdez: From Amor Powers to Selina Matias!

One of the things why the remake of "Mula Sa Puso" is very much anticipated is because of its kontrabida Selina Matias! And in this new version, this main villain will no other than, Ms. Eula Valdez!

It's confirmed that Ms. Eula Valdez reprises the character of this Primera Kontrabida. Selina Matias is the most hatred character in this said soap opera. Her trade mark are bomb and bombings. This role gave rise to the career of Princess Punzalan as one of the best kontrabida ever! She even received different awards and recognition for portraying such role in the original "Mula Sa Puso"!

Knowing that Eula Valdez will reprise the role, everybody got very excited! They truly can't wait and see how Eula will give a new life to the role. They all say, "bagay sa kanya ang role"! Even a Facebook account of Princess Punzalan commented to Eula saying, "Saluhin mo Amor Powers ang koronang gawa sa wire ng bomba!"

Eula Valdez is well-known for her character as Amor Powers in another hit teleserye of ABS-CBN "Pangako Sa'yo". Now that she will play the character of Selina, do you think it will be her new trade mark?!

From Amor Powers to Selina Matias or from bida to kontrabida, this is another mark of versatility of Ms. Eula Valdez! She can shift from one role to another. She can effectively portray different roles! And we truly can't wait and see the renewed Eula Valdez from protagonist now to antagonist! Great!

Aside from Eula Valdez, the other main cast of "Mula Sa Puso" are Lauren Young as Via Pereira, JM De Guzman as Gabriel Maglayon, Enrique Gil as Michael Miranda, Ariel Rivera as Don Fernando Pereira, and Dawn Zulueta as Nanay Magda! c",)

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