The Kanto Boys 'Namnam' Dance TVC!

The crazy-cool ASAP boy group called 'Kanto Boys' is now creating a hit. Not only in "ASAP Rocks", this group now dominates the TV commercial and the music scene!

The Kanto Boys comprised of John Lloyd Cruz, Vhong Navarro, Billy Joe Crawford, and Luis Manzano were now very famous in their latest Lucky Me Namnam TV commercial. The said TVC series started with these boys playing policemen and invade different houses. Later on, their TVCs evolve now with a beat and a rhythm!

This is the current TV commercial of Lucky Me Namnam featuring the latest song and dance move of the Kanto Boys! Let's all watch and dance with it:

Hahaha! Very funny! They can truly drive you wild in the dance floor! The theme song as well as the dance step truly relief our stress and tension!

Lloydie, Vhong, Billy, and Luis show their very own dance steps. Each of them has their own moves which show their uniqueness! Putting them together, the unique cool boy group Kanto Boys formed! Nice!

Aside from the TV commercial, this cool boy group is set to do a movie! Yeah, their home network is currently planning a movie which will put altogether Lloydie, Vhong, Billy, and Luis! Definitely, the genre of their movie will be comedy or very light drama knowing their personalities and trademark! How about a TV series?!

If I'm not mistaken, this boy group already had an album! That said album is a compilation of their different parody songs which they performed in "ASAP"!

I'm sure Kanto Boys will soar even higher! They truly got a perfect chemistry! So, more power to the four of you guys! Keep it up! Two thumbs up to your sense of humor! c",)

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