Who are the People Around 'Nita Negrita!'

Barbie Forteza will once again portray another interesting character. This time, she will be "Nita Negrita"!

Of course her onscreen partner Joshua Dionisio is also her leading man in the story. It's another exciting new soap for all the 'JoshBie' fans out there! But aside from Joshua, who are the other people around the life of Nita?

Well, here are the different short teasers of the new daytime TV series of GMA-7 featuring the cast and characters of "Nita Negrita"! Let's all watch these:

"Nita Negrita" is a Valentines offering of the Kapuso network. The story will not only revolve around the love story of Barbie and Joshua's characters but also in the love and acceptance of the different people around them!

"Nita Negrita" will be on GMA's Dramarama block. It's timeslot is right after "Alakdana"!

Are you excited for another Joshua Dionisio-Barbie Forteza TV series?! Since fans of these two teenstars requested, the Kapuso network brings back the tandem of them in a new daytime drama series! Do you think this will be another daytime hit TV series of GMA knowing that the Kapuso network's daytime lineup is now conquering the TV rating games?! Well, we'll see! c",)

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  1. yesss.....joshbie d best!!! naiinip na ko mag nita negrita...umabsent pa ko....hahaha

  2. wala na ba si KRISTHOPER MARTIN here,,,hay nako,,mas may dating si kristhioper kesa dito kay josh,,,