Two Grand Finales of Two Reality Shows!

This week, two grand finales of two reality shows will take place in the Kapamilya network. One is for the aspiring next kid superstars while the other one is for the aspiring next diva!

This Saturday, from the so-called 'Magic Six' composed of three boys and three girls of "Star Circle Quest for the Next Kiddie Superstar", one boy and one girl will be chosen to be the respective Boy and Girl Kiddie Superstars! From the boys, will it be the Little Mr. Funny Guy, Clarence? The Small Boy with a Big Voice, Jelo? Or Kristoff, the Future Icon of Drama? Then among the girls, who will shine the most? Brenna, the Dancing Darling? Will it be the Diva in the Making, Maurice? Or Veyda, the Kikay Beauty Queen?!

Then on Sunday, we will finally knew the very first Sharon’s Next Female Superstar in the singing reality show "Star Power, Sharon’s Next Female Superstar"! Who do you think will emerge as the very first winner in this very first Sharon's reality show?! Will it be Krissel Valdez, The Soulful Diva of Davao? Or maybe The Sweet and Sexy Siren of Cebu, Akiko Solon? How about The Charming Biritera of Leyte, Monica Sacay? Or will it possible for K-La Rivera, The R&B Sweetheart from Canada? Or maybe it's for The Pop Belter of Manila, Angeline Quinto?!

It's also good to know that the real-life Mega mother and daughter will host the program. Ms. KC Concepcion is the host of "SCQ for the Next Kiddie Superstar" while her mother Megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta is the host of "Star Power"! What a great coincidence! Nice!

Who among these aspiring stars of both these two reality shows is your bet?! It's gonna be another exciting weekend night because of these! Good luck Shawie and KC! c",)

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