Some Sweet Scene Photos of the Upcoming Gerald Anderson-Sarah Geronimo Movie!

The much-awaited movie of the Pop Princess Ms. Sarah Geronimo and the Action-Drama Prince Mr. Gerald Anderson is finally set! Sooner, we will finally see their first ever tandem in the big screen!

Originally, the title of their movie is "Just The Way You Are". But now, the title is changed to "Catch Me, I'm In Love"! Probably this will be the final title of this light drama romance-comedy film from Star Cinema!

As promised, I will share with you some of the movie stills from this exciting new movie. And here they are! Here are some of the sweetest scene promo pictorials of the Sarah Geronimo-Gerald Anderson movie. Let's feel in love over and over again with Sarah and Gerald via their most kilig photos:

Gerald Anderson will portray the character of a rich guy in this movie. Sarah Geronimo on the other hand will play as a simple girl. Their difference in life status will test their romance!

Aside from Gerald and Sarah, part of the supporting casts were the veteran stars Ms. Dawn Zulueta and Mr. Christopher De Leon. They are the rich parents of Gerald in the said movie.

PBB Teen Housemates will also be reunited in this movie. Joining Gerald are former PBB teen housemates Fred Payowan and Josef Elizalde. David Chua and Dino Imperial were also part of the casts. These guys will be Gerald's group of friends!

So are you excited for this newest romantic movie from Star Cinema?! Do Gerald and Sarah have a perfect 'chemistry'!? Will you even support Gerald now that he is separated with onscreen partner Kim Chiu?!

"Catch Me, Im In Love" is said to be shown this coming March. It's another offering of the one and only maker of blockbuster films, Star Cinema! Good luck Gerald and Sarah! Another promising love team! Two thumbs up! c",)

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  1. my gosh!!!
    when i watched the movie i have been in love once more. i really like their chemistry, i blushed and i hope they will have another movie tandem again that will make me blush and in love..

    congratulations to both of you!!!
    you two, are the best love team ever..