Poll Result: Rafnise is the Most Loved Pair in 'Kristine' Series!

The loveteam of the hunk actor Rafael Rosell and the sexy singer Denise Laurel or better-known now as 'Rafnise' emerges as the favorite, most loved, and most 'kilig' pair in the "Martha Cecilia's Kristine" series!

On the book 1 of the said TV series, two love teams namely 'Zantine' or Zanjoe Marudo-Kristine Reyes and 'Rafnise' or Rafael Rosell-Denise Laurel were launched. Both the two pairs were very hot. They easily captured the attention of many viewers. But in the end, the love team of Rafael and Denise emerged on top.

Here is the complete poll result of our survey:

As you can see, Rafnise lead over Zantine! Of the overall votes of 1,471 garnered by this poll, Rafnise got 838 total votes or 56%.

On the other hand, Zantine is not that far as they got 633 total votes or 43%.

Rafael Rosell and Denise Laurel were previously paired in the different "Precious Hearts Romances Presents" episodes. But their tandem and chemistry become popular when they both starred in "Midnight Phantom" which is also another PHR episode. Right after "Midnight Phantom", they also became two of the four main casts in "Kristine" Series Book 1 wherein they were hailed as the most-watched and most favorite love team!

On Book 2 of the said TV series, Denise was already removed because of variety of issues and controversies pertaining to the young actress. But her leading man Rafael Rosell remains and paired with another sexy actress Iya Villania! Iya then replaces Denise until the end of the Book 2 of "Kristine"!

The removal of Denise Laurel in "Kristine" or the separation of the Marco De Silva - Emerald Fortalejo romance in the story made their fans and viewers really mad. They got angry with the soap since their idol tandem was not anymore seen! All is truly missing Rafnise!

Well, we all hope that in next projects either in another TV series or movie, Rafael Rosell and Denise Laurel will be paired! We would also like to congrats Rafnise for winning this poll survey! Keep up the good work and more power to the two of you! Happy Valentines then to this pair! c",)

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  1. well,,mas ok naman tandem ni raf at denise kesa naman kay cristine at zanjoe noh!!,.love ko si RAFAEL ROSSEL,,hes nice,magaling umarte at pang leading man,,mas sya ang rason y im watching kristine,,ok sya,,,
    well,,love ko din si IYA VILLANIA,,pretty talaga at hot,,si denise kase,mas ok sya as singer nalang,,kulang sa dating,,pilit!.
    well,,ist RAFAEL ROSEL AT BEA ALONSO soon,,,bagay sila diba,,

  2. I'm so glad that our effort, love and support for this lovetime isn't totally ignored.Thanks!Sana naman ang ABS-CBN nakikita ang perfect tandem na ito. Hope they will give them major roles to their next available project. Their team up is tested and proven, nanalo na nga diba?they garnered votes that hailed them as the most loved, most watched and most promising loveteam. Ano pa ba ang dapat patunayan?even the TFC subscribers, threatened the network na ipacancel ang subscription dahil sa Kristine. I've heard that ABS will have a remake of MULA SA PUSO. hope this time our pleas as rafnise fans will be heard. consolation nalang kasi Kristine series for us is a major disappointment coz theyre not giving justice to emerald's character. If Denise wouldn't be back to the show, sana man lang sila pa rin ang magkatuluyan kahit offscreen na. Please ABS-CBN give this amazing loveteam a break. Don't be blind and bias.

  3. Mind you kung ulang sa dating at pilit ang pag arte ni Denise bakit andaming fans niya ang nagreact? she's natural whent it comes to acting. Napatunayan na niya iyon sa midnight phantom at kristine series. Hindi mananalong most watched, most loved and most promising loveteam kung hindi magandang umarte si Denise. Well, you cant please everybody. GO DENISE LAUREL and RAFAEL ROSELL! ABS-CBN GIVE THEM MORE AND MORE PROJECTS BECAUSE THE DESRVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. wag pong ipilit,,,ok si denise pero di pang lead role,,pandak sya,,at kulang sa apil,,puro buhok,wahahahhah,,iba nag gandang IYA VILLANIA,,BEA ALONSO,,KRISTIN HERMOSA,,CARLA ABELLANA,,KAYE ABAD,,ROXANNE GUINOO etc,,saka,di naman tipo ni raf si denise,,ang tipo ni raf si BEA ALONSO,si KRISTIN HERMOSA pero may asawa na nga lang,,ok,,

  5. si RAFAEL ROSEL,,MAGAling umarte at pang leading man,hot pa!!pero i heard ipapareha sya soon kina,,NINA JOSE,,MELSIA RICKS,,MAEGAN YOUNG sa mga lead role ng mga ito,,

    I love DE pero may kulang e,,di mapaliwanag,,but i love her ,,kase smart,edukada,galing sa maayos na family,,pero i guess,,beter sa hosting nalang sya o broadcasting diba..

  6. they deserve it kc mas umangat ang team up ni rafael at denise kaysa sa mga lead roles.. nathreaten sila kya nman mas ginusto nila na buwagin.. but we`re still hoping 4 another project.. un mga nagsasabi na hndi maganda c denise at pandak sya, hndi nyo matanggap na ang di kagandahan at di katngkaran ay ang mas mapapansin kaysa mga bida.. mga bitter..

  7. we love denise at raf,,,pero si RAFAEL ROSEL,,magaling umarte yan at may apil na pang leading man kaya kahit sinong ipares jan,,walang problema sa kanya,,si denise,,medyo,,madaming mas higit sa kanya na pang lead roel e,,mahirap sumugal,baka flop ito,,pero love ko personality ni denise,,smart,edukada,galing sa maayos na family ETC,,pero ang tao magpapayasya e,.mas like ko sina,NINA JOSE,,NADINE SAMONTE,,STEF PRESCOTT,MELISA RICKS,MAEGAN YOUNG,IYA VILNAI,,GWEN ZAMORA,SAM PINTO,KRISTIN HERMOSA,BEA ALONSO,ROXANE GUINOO kesa kay denise,,well,work lang ito,,

  8. i hope ibalik nla si denise at rafael na love team. bagay eh! i really like Ms. Denise kasi smart siya maganda at magaling umarte. parang natural lng sa kanya kpag oncam na sila. sa mga taong i nakikita na bagay sila parang mga epal! hay naku! Ibalik ang RAFNISE! nang sumulpot si IYA! parang winasak na rin nila ang story ng kristine series. Anung ginagawa ni Iya dun? wla nmn siya role sa kristine series sa libro.