New Poll: The Battle of the Mermaids!

"Marina", "Dyesebel", or "Mutya"! These are the three mermaids who truly captivated our hearts! They are the three fantaserye characters that lead us to the three different stories under the sea!

Who among these three mermaids you like and love the most?! "Marina", "Dyesebel", or "Mutya"?! Who is your bet?! It's time now to cast your votes!

Since a TV series about mermaids really becomes a huge hit, we decided to open a new poll survey! "Marina", "Dyesebel", and now "Mutya" are all phenomenal hit TV series! But the question goes, which among these three is truly the best?! Which could be crown as the true queen of the sea as they hit our TV screens with their amazing under the sea stories!

Claudine Barretto's Marina

Marian Rivera's Dyesebel

Mutya Orquia's Mutya

"Marina" which is so-called the first-ever fantaserye on Philippine television become a huge phenomenal hit way back 2004. This triggered the rise of different fantasy series in the different TV stations. Without "Marina", do you think we can still have "Mulawin", "Krystala", "Darna", or "Grazilda" today?! "Marina" was portrayed by the Optimum Star Ms. Claudine Barretto!

Because of "Marina" and since fantaserye or telefantasya is very click, GMA-7 decided to launch their very own mermaid TV series. They gave us their TV series remake of Mars Ravelo's another famous creation "Dyesebel"! This time, it was Marian Rivera who gave life to it. It was aired last 2008 and they say dominated the TV rating games!

Now in Primetime Bida, another fantasy TV series about mermaids was born! This time a childstar plays the character of a mermaid! ABS-CBN's newest discovery, the new child wonder Mutya Orquia now portrays the role of "Mutya". This is based from Pablo S. Gomez comic series. Just liker the first two mermaid stories, "Mutya" is another phenomenal top-rating hit!

Now who is really the best among "Marina", "Dyesebel", and "Mutya"?! You may now start casting your votes in the right side panel of this website! Good luck mermaids! Who do you think will swim on the top?! c",)

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