Melissa Ricks and Matt Evans Reunite in a Special 'MMK' Episode!

Everybody is really missing the loveteam called 'MatMel' or the Matt Evans-Melissa Ricks tandem! But miss them no more 'coz this Saturday, we can see them together again!

The longest running drama-anthology in the history of Philippine television, "MMK" will bring back the loveteam of these two hottest pair. This is a post-Valentines offering of the said drama anthology!

Here is a very quick teaser of this said "MMK" episode featuring Matt Evans and Melissa Ricks which will air tonight, February 19, in ABS-CBN. Let's all watch this:

Matt and Melissa will portray the characters of Bobit and May. Their love story started at their young age. But through the test of time, although they have different careers and priorities, their love will still stand still!

Well, are you excited for this reunion episode of Matt and Melissa?!

Both Matt and Melissa go in separate ways as they two have their own TV series with different partners. Matt's latest TV series is "Juanita Banana" pairing him with Bianca Manalo. On the other hand, Melissa's last soap is "Noah" opposite Jolo Revilla. Their comeback tandem in a new TV series is not yet confirmed!

So wishing both of you a good luck for your reunion TV project! More power! c",)

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  1. the best ang matmel..sana magkaroon pa sila ng movie.. namiss kuna kc cla mag act na dalawa:0 mellissa and matt, your the best