'Mara Clara' Hits All-Time High Nationwide TV Rating as Its Episodes Become More Intense!

Everybody is now getting hooked with this Primetime Bida hit TV series "Mara Clara"! As its episodes get more and more intense and breath-taking, its TV rating continuously soar even higher! Wow!

Last Tuesday, February 22, 2011, it captured its all-time high Nationwide TV rating of 38.7% ! This is the intense episode wherein Alvira (Dimples Romania) discovered the bad deeds of Clara (Julia Montes) to Mara (Kathryn Bernardo) right after her confrontation with Susan (Mylene Dizon). Clara reached his full rebel that why her father Gary (Jhong Hilario) used his iron hand to discipline his daughter!

"Mara Clara" even defeated its rival program "Machete" which only recorded a 15.1% rating according to Kantar Media! They now put Aljur Abrenica's former ka-loveteam Kris Bernal in hope that she can pull up its ratings!

Another intense episode has been witnessed last week in this hit "Ina Ng Pinoy Teleserye"!

Del Valle family conducted a despidida party for Mara. All the friends and former family of Mara were invited. The group of Desiree (Kiray), Mara's two bestfriends, her mother and Lola Lupe (Gina Pareno), as well as Christian (Albie Casiño) came! Clara with an evil intention also joined the party!

Unknowingly, Gary has an evil plan to Mara. He is planning to kidnap the Del Valle heiress. Clara will be the way to capture Mara!

But before the actual kidnapping incident, Amante (Bobby Andrews) saw the pictures of Alvira and Gary sent to him through a white envelop. This led to another fight between him and his wife Alvira!

As Amante and Alvira were having their fight, Clara walked out from the scene. Mara then followed Clara and forced the bad girl to admit that she is the mastermind of all those things!

Eventually, Clara released her own identity! Another fight between Mara and Clara took place!

While they are having their catfight, kidnappers came. Since two girls were there, they also decided to also capture the other girl who is Clara! Now, both Clara and Mara were kidnapped!

On this week's episode, Del Valle finally discovered that Mara was kidnapped! Gary even knew that his daughter was also kidnapped! At the end, they will found out that Gary is the mastermind of this kidnapping. Gary even decided not to let go Clara to get more ransom money! Now, both Mara and Clara were kidnap victims!

Will Clara know that her father is the real mastermind of their kidnap?! What then will she do after knowing it?! And who's life will be put on danger since a time bomb is set to explode on these two girls?!

Wooohhhh...!!! A very intense and breath-taking episode! These were just some of another must-see scenes in the more exciting next chapters of the No. 1 phenomenal hit TV series, "Mara Clara"! We really can't wait and see these new twists in the life of Mara and Clara! Another two thumbs up! Great, great, great! c",)

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  1. yup, i agree...I'm very pleased with all the actors and actresses involved, ang galing...although for sure they won't kill the "bida"...si nenita ang namatay, she went back when she learned Gary was there to fetch Clara...quite obvious sa prosthetics din...now, mara is somewhere else....