'Kristine' Book 1 Fan Made Music Video Featuring 'Rafnise' and 'Zantine'!

This coming Friday, the so-called 'ang pinakamainit na pagwawakas' will take place in the hottest TV series on Primetime, "Martha Cecilia's Kristine"!

"Kristine" series really changes our Primetime TV series habit. Viewers really hooked to the story specially in its Book 1. Two love teams namely 'Rafnise' or Rafael Rossel-Denise Laurel and 'Zantine' or Zanjoe Marudo-Cristine Reyes emerged as today's favorite!

I know everybody really misses the most romantic scenes from Book 1 of this hit TV series. Thanks that a fan created a romantic and inspiring music video featuring the hottest and most romantic scenes of Rafnise and Zantine in the Book 1 of "Kristine"!

Let's all watch this and be inspired and feel inlove over and over again:

What do you feel watching that special music video and listening to the music?! Do you feel inlove with the characters of Marco De Silva, Emerald Fortalejo, Bernard De Siva-Fortalejo, and Jewel Fortalejo?!

Well, me too truly misses them! Watching the said video, I really feel inlove! It's very romantic and inspiring!

Now that "Kristine" series is already on its final week, we really miss those four characters. Hope that these two love teams will once again be seen in different TV series or movie projects!

A job well done for Rafael, Denise, Zanjoe, and Cristine! These four original characters were truly wonderful! Awesome! c",)

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