The Fight For Love and Justice in the Final Pages of 'Kristine' Book 2!

Four more pages were left in this hottest TV series on Primetime, "Martha Cecilia's Kristine"!

Will Jewel (Cristine Reyes) finally recovered from amnesia?! Will the love story of Jewel and Bernard (Zanjoe Marudo) prevail in the end?! Can Jewel get back their son Leonard from the evil hands of Margarita (Irma Adlawan)?! And how far will the wickedness of this main villain last?!

These were some of the breath-taking and exciting questions in the minds of the avid viewers of this hot sexy series. Are we expecting for a romantic or a tragic finale?!

On the recent episodes, Margarita blacked mail Jasmin (Kristel Moreno) to get Leonard from Jewel in exchange of her little sister. She has no other choice but to follow the evil mother of her one and true love Nathaniel (JM De Guzman).

Margarita will capture the baby and she will only return it to Jewel if Jewel will give the key for the endless treasure to her. But, Jewel wouldn't find that said key?!

Will Jewel cannot anymore have their baby?! Will it means a victory for Margarita?! How would true love saves the destiny of the main characters namely Jewel, Bernard, Nathaniel, Jasmin, Scarlet, and Marco?!

This gonna be the hottest TV series ending we shouldn't miss! Hold your breath as we go to the last page of "Martha Cecilia's Kristine" this Friday only in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida! Nice! c",)

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  1. ganda,,,pero mas love ko yung ALYNA,,welll,,maimiss ko si RAFAEL ROSEL,,IYA VILLANIA,,BANGS GARCIA,,epro hindi si zanjoe at cristine,,na wala lang,,hehehe,,,