The Full Trailer of 'Mana Po!'

The romance-comedy offering of the Kapamilya network this Febever starring the loveteam of masses Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco or Melason will finally premiere tomorrow, February 21, 2011.

"Mana Po", a new installation of the hit "Precious Romances Presents" tells about the story of the heiress Brandi Dela Paz (Melai) who have a mission to regain the inheritance which is supposed to be for her.

Brandi's daddy Vino (John Arcilla) will give his wealth to the son of his bestfriend Milosebio “Milo” Kiping (Jason) before he died! Why? Well, let's watch this video trailer!

Here is the full trailer of PHR presents "Mana Po" topbilled by Melai and Jason:

Yes, Vino betrayed his bestfriend Jack (Buboy Garovillo) way back when he kept and claimed the winnings from a sweepstakes ticket. His family lived a luxurious life, enjoying a fortune that isn’t rightfully theirs, thus he made sure he can give back to Jack what he stole when the time of his death arrives. So Vino gave the inheritance to Jack's son Milo!

But Brandi would not allow this to happen! She will do everything just to get back the wealth from Milo. She will let Milo fall for her!

This is another cool and interesting daytime soap to watch out this Monday A romance series with a touch of comedy! Nice! So, let's catch the return of Melason on TV via this cool and exciting PHR offering, "Mana Po" this Monday right after "Kapitan Inggo"! Thumbs up! c",)

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