A Brand New Look of Angel Locsin as Karen in 'Imortal' Season 2!

As the original character of Ms. Angel Locsin as Lia camouflage as Karen in the Season 2 of this phenomenal hit TV series "Imortal", we also witness a brand new look of Angel!

Angel Locsin looks more beautiful and gorgeous now as Karen. She now have a curly long hair that truly adds beauty to this young action-fantasy superstar!

After the death of her one and true love Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz) and after fighting with the werewolf villain Lucille (Vivian Velez), Lia decided to go in a far away place. She hides herself being Karen, a simple girl who is now working as a factory worker in the Bihon factory!

Here are more of the beautiful photos of Ms. Angel Locsin as Karen in the Season 2 of the top-rating fantasy series "Imortal". Let's take a quick glance on them:

Lia wants to escape her life as a werewolf! She wants to forget everything in her past. She wants to live a normal life away from the werewolves and vampires!

Lia now known as Karen is a simple kindhearted girl. She is loved by the street children since everyday before going home, she gives goods to these kids. These kids also love her story about her prince.

Angel Locsin as Karen was first seen in the February 15 episode of "Imortal"! As Karen, no more fight scenes were witnessed!

In the recent episode last night, Lucas (Rico Blanco) finally found Lia! Since he can't convince Lia to return to her family, Lucas then decided to be together with Lia. He rented a room inside the boarding house of Karen. Now they were neighbors! Kids now loved Lucas the way they do with Karen. Do you think Karen will fall inlove now with Lucas since she knew Mateo is already dead?! Will that particular scene last night signifies a good relationship that will bloom between Karen and Lucas?!

Angel Locsin's character and look now as Karen reminds me of someone! Yeah, in her new image now, she depicts the character of the Mexican telenovela queen Thalia! Yup, with her new hairstyle and moves, Karen is very similar with "Maria Mercedez" or "Maria La Del Barrio"!

Do you think her new image now is intentional to ready the people to see her as "Maria Mercedez" in her next soap after "Imortal"?! Talking about this rumored Philippine adaptation, will Angel Locsin perfect for the role of "Maria Mercedez"?! How about "Maria La Del Barrio" which is said to be portrayed by Erich Gonzales, who is better to play the role, Erich or Angel?!

Well for now, we really appreciate the more beautiful look of Ms. Angel Locsin here in "Imortal" Season 2. Yes, all types of hairstyle perfectly fit this pretty actress! Keep up the good work Angel! We're happy for you and for the success of "Imortal"! Another milestone in your career! Two thumbs up! c",)

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  1. ADAPAT NAMAN TALAGA GANYAN,,na iba iba nag hairstyle kada movies o shows para may variation diba?..di yung same same lagi,hehe,,dito ba papasok ang karakter ni COGIE DOMINGO??sana diba,,,kilig padin me sa dalawa,...