Zanjoe Marudo and Cristine Reyes' Characters were Trapped in a Cave!

Finally the wish of many fans of the love team called 'Zantine' is finally granted! The teamup of the 'Prince of Passion' Zanjoe Marudo and the 'Jewel of Romance' will be reunited in this week's special episode of "Martha Cecilia's Kristine" Book 2!

The character of Zanjoe Marudo as Bernard De Silva-Fortalejo and the role of Cristine Reyes as Jewel Fortalejo will be trapped in the cave. And the romantic reunion of these two lead stars of this sexy series will take place!

The Primera Kontrabida of the story, Margarita (Irma Adlawan) will trick Jewel into coming to a cave inside a property of the Fortalejo clan, where she will trap her to die. Unknown to her, Bernard will follow her to the cave, and he will find Jewel there.

The two lead stars will stuck in the cave. At first, Jewel will keep on being angry with Bernard since she knew that Bernard is the man he really hated before! But Bernard will never surrender and will convince Jewel that he is the man she truly loves! But suddenly during their confrontation, Jewel will break down and her head will bump on the cave's floor! Will this finally lead to the recovery of Jewel's mind?!

But will the evil plan of Margarita be successful this time?! Will she now be able to kill Jewel together with Bernard?! Who will die in the big explosion that happens in the cave?! Then if Bernard and Jewel will survive, what now will happen to the persons around them that were really loving them such as Lance (Rayver Cruz) and Diana (Bangs Garcia)?!

This could be another exciting and breath-taking episode this week in the No. 1 Best-Selling pocketbook "Kristine" from the precious mind of Martha Cecilia! And of course, expect more passionate moments with Bernard and Jewel inside the cave! Oh-lala! C",)

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  1. we dont like cristine,,,wala syang dating at pashowbiz ito,,,nega!silang dalawa ni rayver,,walang dating,,wala lang,,kesa sa wala,, ko si IYA VILANNIA AT RAFAEL ROSEL dito,,,ganda!!sana si BEA ALONSO AT RAFAEL ROSEL magtambal soon,,bagay din sila,,o kaya JON AVILA-BEA ALONSO,,diba,,