A Hunkier Gerald Anderson This Year!

This year will be another more exciting and more challenging year for this sexy hunk young actor or now dubbed as the Primetime Action-Drama Prince Mr. Gerald Anderson!

Gerald will have more action TV series involving more fight scenes! "Buhawi Jack" and "Bagwis" are two of his new TV series lineup for the year which are all have an action-adventure genre! And inline with these new action projects, Gerald now is really undergoing different physical trainings!

According to Gerald via interview that his concentration this year will be on his upcoming projects and bettering himself.

"My new year’s resolution is to have the best body I can get. Aside for the health reasons, demanding kasi yung mga projects this year so gusto ko rin na maayos ang katawan ko...", Gerald said.

Yup, Gerald is having his everyday trainings for "Buhawi Jack"! He will play here the character of Jack, the lead role in the Rod Santiago's original masterpiece! Gerald is rigidly having the training of the Pinoy martial arts known as 'arnis'!

“Arnis kasi yung martial art dito and the cast members really need to learn the basics para we can do our fight scenes well,” Gerald furthermore explained!

We may recall that Gerald Anderson showed a great skill in 'arnis' during his previous suspense Sunday afternoon series Your Song Presents: "Isla"! Now this skill will once more be seen to Gerald here in the upcoming "Buhawi Jack"!

This hunk actor admitted that he has gathered splinters and blisters because of his rigorous training for his role.

“Rod Santiago’s Buhawi Jack” is said to be aired every Saturday, starting on January 22 on ABS-CBN. It will run for three months and this will be a special long episode of "Wansapanataym"! This will also mark the very first teamup of Jewel Mische and Gerald. After this series, Jewel and Gerald will do another action-serye "Bagwis"!

With these trainings, it seems that Gerald Anderson is getting hotter and hotter! He is now sizzling with more sex appeal! Yup, he is sexier and hunkier now! He's one true hunk action superstar!

Great one Gerald! Keep it up! Everybody is really avidly waiting for your new projects this 2011! Your body, your skills, your talent...oozing! Sooooh hot! Your star will further more shine brighter! More power idol! C",)

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