Xyriel Ann Manabat - "Most Promising Female New Face of 2010!"

Known as the female child wonder, Xyriel Ann Manabat was chosen by the people to be the "2010 Most Promising Female New Face" in our recently concluded 2010 TV Series Craze Awards.

Xyriel took the crown from 5 other more new female stars of 2010. Here is the complete poll survey result:

Out of 1377 overall total votes garnered by this poll, Xyriel got 434 votes or 30%.

It's good to note that Xyriel's co-star in "Agua Bendita" Andi Eigenmann who played the grown Agua and Bendita took the second spot. Andi got 18% of the overall total votes! Nice!

The third place is still a tie! Melai Cantiveros and Denise Laurel both got 16% of the total votes although Melai received three more votes compared to Denise!

Like Matteo, Xyriel was also launched in the hit fantaserye of ABS-CBN "Agua Bendita". She played the child Agua and Bendita. In that said soap opera, people really appreciated her good acting skills. There was even rumors before that Andi Eigenmann will not anymore appear in the said teleserye and Xyriel will be the lead star all throughout the show since the fantaserye really conquered the ratings during the child Agua and Bendita's turn. That was also the reason why the child Agua and Bendita took so long before they grow! up But still when Andi appeared, the ratings of "Agua Bendita" even soared higher!

After "Agua Bendita", Xyriel was given another leading TV series. This time she played as a ghost child Momay. "Momay" was indeed another top-rating TV series.

After "Momay", Xyriel was included in another hit fantaserye "Noah". This time she joined the other child wonder Zaijan Jaranilla. With "Noah", it seems a dream come to merged this generation's two child wonders Xyriel and Zaijan with Papa Piolo Pascual!

Xyriel is the 2009 Star Circle Kid Quest runner-up placing second after Bugoy Carino.

Congrats Xyriel! Keep it up and more power! Your star will even further shine brighter! C",)

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  1. she deserves it..im working overseas and watching xyriel on tv keeps homesickness at bay..she is such an adorable..wish i could have daughter exactly like her someday=)