Richard Gutierrez has 4 Leading Ladies in "My Valentine Girls"!

If Richard Gutierrez has six leading ladies in his upcoming fantasy series "Captain Barbell", this time he has four in his new Valentines movie.

"My Valentine Girls" is this year's Richard's Valentines movie. Unlike his previous Valentine movies, this new film is a trilogy! Yup, it has three stories, three romances! And since it's a trilogy, Richard will have four leading ladies!

Solenn Heusaff, Rhian Ramos, Lovi Poe, and Eugene Domingo are the four leading ladies of this new romance flick! Unlike the previous reports and rumors, Marian Rivera is not part of this movie! The said Richard-Marian reunion movie for Valentines that will be pitted against Angel Locsin-Aga Muchlach movie is not anymore prosper! Hmmm...what do you think is the mere reason?!

This new movie which is co-produced by GMA and Regal Films once more proves that Richard Gutierrez is really the Valentines Box-Office King! Yeah, because almost every Valentines, Richard always have a Valentines movie. These are "Let The Love Begin", "I Will Always Love You", and "The Promise" opposite Ms. Angel Locsin in 2005, 2006, and 2007 respectively. Then "My Bestfriend's Girlfriend" opposite Marian Rivera in 2008 and "When I Met You" with Ms. KC Concepcion in 2009!

Are you excited for this new romance movie of Richard for Valentines?! Three love stories, four leading ladies, one romance-comedy movie! Nice!

Now let's watch the movie teaeer! C",)

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