Rap Fernandez is Gerald Anderson's Main Villain in 'Buhawi Jack'!

After we all know the leading lady and the sidekick of Gerald Anderson who were Jewel Mische and Bugoy Carino in the upcoming action-fantasy series "Buhawi Jack", time now to meet his main villain!

He is a showbiz royalty. The son of the grand slam queen and the Pinoy action legacy. He's no other than...Rap Fernandez!

Let's get to know him more!

Yup, Rap or Raphael Fernandez is the son of Ms. Lorna Tolentino and Mr. Rudy "Da Boy" Fernandez. He was born in 1984 and so happy to know that we have the same birth year!

Rap is known to be a genius. He loves to direct his own Indie Film. Actually he already directed two indie films! Just like his late father, Rap also loves action!

In the upcoming "Buhawi Jack", Rap will play as Gerald's main kontrabida! Actually this is his very first teleserye! He had his acting training workshop as well as 'arnis' training for his action stunts!

Let's watch this quick teaser of "Buhawi Jack" featuring Mr. Rap Fernandez as Gerald Anderson's main villain:

And now, let's also watch the "The Buzz" episode featuring Rap Fernandez. In this special video clipping, we will know more about Rap.

Her mother Ms. Lorna Tolentino tells more about his son! Ms. KC Concepcion graces the interview for this new promising action star wannabe!

Here you go! Nice! Welcome Rap to the world of showbiz! C",)

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  1. mas ok maging director na nga lang itong aNAK NI lt AT RUDY FERNANDEZ,..wala lang,,mas bagay sya dun,,wag nyang ipilit,,,,pang behind the camera sya,,,

  2. why don't we give him a chance. wala namang masama diba..kumbaga para lang maranasan niya ang pakiramdam. like laurice guillen, gina alajar, albert martinez and so on...naging artista muna sila before director

  3. hindi naman sa nega ako, parang walang dating sya tulad ng mommy at daddy nya...tama, mag direct nalang sya, baka doon pa makikita ng husto ang talent nya.