The Mythological Pilot Episode of 'Machete!'

The pilot episode of the highly-anticipated Telebabad fantasy series called "Machete" is such a combination of epic, legend, and mythology. We all witness how the story of it begun!

The setting of the first scene is in a particular tribe of long ago. The narrator introduced the tribe's hero, "Machete". Aljur Abrenica was the first one to appear in the opening. He was cutting down his long hair!

After the self preparation of "Machete", he eventually declared a war! Their tribe was about to fight with their enemies led by Ryan Eigenmann! Then the battle started!

As expected, the team of "Machete" won the battle! The rival tribe was defeated!

After the war, the story even told the love life of this tribe hero. He is loving a beautiful girl portrayed by Bella Padilla. Intimate scenes were shown. "Machete" is really loving the girl!

But during the love scene of Machete and Andenaya, their traitor enemy went into the tribe and killed Machete!

"Machete" died leaving the only woman he loved alone and painful! But the woman didn't stop loving him and even spell a curse in the death body of Machete. In the tomb of Machete, a tree eventually grew!

Now, let's watch the complete pilot episode of this exciting new TV series:

The tree which grew in the tomb of "Machete" remains strong and sturdy through time! Andanaya even grew old and died but still her love for "Machete" remains even on the time of her death!

Up to the present time, the said tree remains strong and standing. This tree becomes the rest place of the mother and daughter (Gina Alajar and Bella Padilla).

In modern time, the young Bella Padilla suffered from a skin illness. Her mother wants to cure her face but they have no money. So she steal a painting from the rich family (Rio Locsin).

Gina Alejar's character who is the mother of Bella was imprisoned and died. Therefore Bella's role becomes a maid in the house of the famous sculptor (Ryza Cenon). Until one day the tree which grew in the tomb of "Machete" is about to cut!

This said tree will be the one to be used for the sculpture of the wooden hunk statue "Machete"! On the next episodes, we will see how Machete came to life! Will he fall in love to the woman who gave life to his wooden statue form?!

Well, what can you say about this pilot episode?! Do you find the story exciting?! Will it become a promising phenomenal hit?! So far so good! Goodluck to this new TV series! Great one Aljur, Bella, and Ryza! More power to this new fantaserye! C",)

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  1. ang machete ay epic,fantasy,action,..malayo sa mga movies na malaswa ang dating o tema,...hello!ang babata pa nila noh,,saka,bawal sa tv ang ganyan,ayaw na din ng tao sa ganung kalaswaan gaya noon,masisira lang mga stars,wag na,,,para itong ALEXANDER O TROY,,diba..pero si GWEN ZAMORA ang talagang leading lady nya here,,panimula lang si bella na yan na walang dating kahit anung ipilit nila,,,walang apil,,mas ok pa ngang si ELEN ADARNA O STEF PRESCOT,,dito,,ok din si MICHEL MADRIGAL diba,..

  2. okey nman ci bella as aginaya. Well ang sakin lang wag nila patayin si aginaya sa scence kasi mawawalang saysay ang paiibigan ni aginaya at machete para ano pa yung reincarnation nila diba nakakainis cguro kung mawawala ci aginaya kay machete

  3. sayang ang Machete, ang ganda ng simula, kaso nababago ang story along the way, nakakawalang gana ng panoorin! bkit kasi ndi muna ifilm yun buong teleserye bago i-series s local tv ng sa ganon andon at buo yun story, same casts, my mgandang ending! look at koreanovelas most of it are best examples of good stories, plots, theme, husay ng mga actors. sana mag level up ang telenovelas natin