The Battle Started in the Pilot Episode of 'Buhawi Jack!'

The pilot episode of this highly-anticipated action-drama-adventure fantasy series called "Buhawi Jack" is really full of action! Battle just began in the very beginning of the show.

The story already opened with Gerald Anderson fighting with the enemies. Using his so-called Pinoy Martial arts 'arnis', Gerald who is portraying the character of Jack defeated the enemies!

And before the flashback of the story, Gerald introduced himself saying that he is..."Buhawi Jack"! The story of the little boy then narrated.

Actually during his childhood, Jack is really a 'bibbo' kid! His mother (Yayo Aguilla) always prevented the little boy from playing dangerous things like the sharp scissor! But the enthusiast kid cannot stop from doing so!

Jack together with his little brother (Bugoy Carino) were raised by his parents in a simple life. His father (Philip Salvador) is a responsible, industrious, and dedicated father. His family is poor yet very happy!

One day, Jack's father went to an antique shop and someone reminded him seeing a very familiar thing!

Well before we continue our narration, let's watch then the pilot episode of "Buhawi Jack" which was aired last Saturday, January 22, 2011! It's such an interesting pilot telecast!

In this pilot episode, the characters of Gerald Anderson and Jewel Mische already met! At first sight, it seems that Jack is falling in love with the beautiful girl infront of him! He immediately introduced himself with the girl at the same time shake hands with her!

Since the character of Jewel in the story is a daughter of a rich man, will she also fell in love with this poor boy Jack?! How will their friendship get started?! And what is the mystery behind the pasts of their fathers?!

These were just some of the things viewers were looking at on the succeeding episodes of "Buhawi Jack"! Even on its first day, viewers were avidly watching and attentively seeing each scenes! On the next chapter next Saturday, a new secret is yet to reveal!

It's such indeed an exciting action-fantasy TV series every Saturdays. Our bored weekend was really reactivated by the force and great skills of the one and only Action-Drama Prince Gerald Anderson! Great one! Keep it up and more powers to this show! C",)

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