The 'Green Rose' Teasers Featuring Its Main Characters!

ABS-CBN releases three new short teasers of their upcoming TV series "Green Rose"!

"Green Rose" is the Philippine adaptation of the hit Korean drama series. In our very own remake, three of the hottest stars today will portray the characters of Jerome, Edward, and Angela. These are Jericho Rosales, Jake Cuenca, and Anne Curtis!

Jericho Rosales will portray the character of Jerome, the lead male character in the story. Ms. Anne Curtis will play Angela, the rich girl and the love interest of Jerome. Jake Cuenca then will portray Edward, the third party in the love story of Jerome and Angela.

Having the tagline of "...magbabago ang kulay ng pag-ibig!", the teasers show how a red rose turns into a green one! The teasers really look very exciting!

Here are the three short teasers of the upcoming Primetime Bida TV series "Green Rose" featuring the three lead characters Jerome, Angela, and Edward as now played by Jericho, Anne, and Jake! Nice! C",)

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