Get to Know 'Buhawi Jack!'

Starting this Saturday, a new hero called "Buhawi Jack" will start his new adventure. The Philippine Action-Drama Prince Mr. Gerald Anderson will be this generation's "Buhawi Jack"!

But who is really "Buhawi Jack"? And what is his mission and adventures to take?! And who are the persons around him that will be with him in all these adventures?!

"Buhawi Jack" is a story created by Rod Santiago. If I'm not mistaken, this is also another comics series. Rod Santiago is a comics writer who also created "Agua Bendita" which truly becomes another phenomenal hit TV series in 2010.

In 1998, "Buhawi Jack" becomes a blockbuster action movie. Below is the original "Buhawi Jack" in the movie version:

The Original Buhawi Jack

Yup, it was the action star Mr. Monsour Del Rosario who portrayed the original "Buhawi Jack" in the movie. Bernadette Allyson is Monsour's leading lady while Niño Muchlach is his sidekick!

Knowing Monsour who is really a martial arts expert, this movie is really an action-packed adventure! He is questing for a treasure! His quest led to different fights and adventures!

If Gerald now comprises the role of Monsour as "Buhawi Jack", below are the two important people around him:

The New Buhawi Jack with the New Leading Lady

Buhawi Jack's Sidekick

The new Kapamilya actress who is a Starstruck IV Ultimate Female Survivor Jewel Mische is Gerald's new leading lady. She takes the former role of Bernadette Allyson in the said action movie.

The new sidekick of the new "Buhawi Jack" is now a kid. Bugoy Cariño who is the 2009 Star Circle Quest Grand Questor is Gerald's sidekick. Actually this is the second action TV series together of Bugoy and Gerald. Bugoy and Gerald previously portrayed father and son in the Agimat series "Tiagong Akyat"! seems that the three main stars of "Buhawi Jack" were all products and winners of different reality shows. Jewel Mische from Starstruck IV, Bugoy Cariño from SCQ Kids, and Gerald Anderson from Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition I! Nice! It's such a great combination!

Showbiz royalty Rap Fernandez will play Gerald's main villain. Meanwhile, another showbiz action star Mr. Philip Salvador will portray Gerald's father in this TV new series.

Gerald will showcase his skills in the so-called Pinoy martial arts 'arnis'! Right now he is undergoing rigid trainings for his new role!

"Buhaw Jack" is a special episode of "Wansapanataym" that will be aired for three months! It seems another exciting new TV series! It's a perfect combination of stars! Thumbs up! C",)

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