'Baker King' Posters

Here are the two official posters of the upcoming Koreanovela in GMA Telebabad "Baker King"!

"Baker King" or "Bread, Love, and Dreams" is said to be the highest rating Koreanovela in 2010. It aired in Korean's KBS network.

"Baker King" stars the Korean actor Kim Tak Goo. Again, its another Korean love story TV series. But aside from romance, dreams and ambitions of the main character will also tackle. And of course his rivalry with the main villain!

"Baker King" will replace the reality show in GMA Telebabad whicvh is "Puso Ng Pasko", the artista challenge! Its grand premiere is tomorrow night, January 3, 2011!

Well are you excited for this new Asianovela? Do you think if will also be another top-rated TV series here in the Philippines the way it do in Korea? And what Primetime Bida TV series will it be pitted?! We'll wait and see! It seems another exciting Asian drama to watch out tomorrow night! Good luck! C",)

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