Will There Be A Grand Reunion in the Finale of 'Kokey @ Ako'?!

Three more episodes to go and we will finally bid goodbye to Kokey, Kekay, Jackie, Bruce, Adonis, Belat, Josa, and to the rest of the cast and characters of "Kokey @ Ako"!

As this cool comedy fantasy series is nearer to its end, more and more secrets have been revealed! Jackie (Toni Gonzaga) found out her real identity being Princess, the missing and the long lost granddaughter of Ms. Gloria Romero's character. Even Lois (Wendy Valdez) who disguise herself as Princess was already discovered!

Now that major mysteries were uncovered, will there be a grand reunion between Kokey and Kekay and of course the whole family of Jackie?!

Even the real Bruce (Vhong Navarro) returned! Now the question goes, who will win over Jackie’s heart? The guy Jackie has always loved or the guy she has learned to love will capture her heart in the end?

Meanwhile, the kukurikabukan forces get even stronger which puts Kekay into much peril! How will Kokey protect his younger sister? Will the aliens finally invade planet Earth? And how will the team of Jackie, Bruce, Adonis, and Josa joined forces to fight their enemies?! And of course, will the family of Jackie can finally reunited?! What more unexpected events will take place?!

It's gonna an ending full of action, fantasy, and laughter in this finale of "Kokey @ Ako" this Friday! So let our force be with them in this great fight weeknights before "TV Patrol" only in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida! C",)

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