Matteo Finally Discovers Lia's Secret in 'Imortal'!

One of the most important and the most exciting chapter in this phenomenal hit fantasy series "Imortal" took place last night, November 30, 2010!

Matteo (John Lloyd Cruz) finally discovered the mystery of Lia (Angel Locsin) and Clarisse (Nina Dorino) being she-wolves! Aside from this, he witnessed the fight between these two wolves!

The group of Clarisse finally discovered the hidden place of Matteo and Lia. Clarisse was the first one to see Matteo since the guards encountered a fight with the vampire Samantha (Maricar Reyes) and they used their time to search for this girl.

Matteo will meet Lia in the forest. Lia planned to tell Matteo the truth about her and her clan. But Clarisse caught Matteo in this dark forest and convinced the guy to come with her since the Waya guards will kill him.

But Matteo refused Clarisse! Once more, he rejected the girl! Matteo shouted out that Lia is the only woman he loves! He can't never love Clarisse!

Clarisse was very, very angry hearing that! She then decided to kill the man she loves! In-front of Matteo, Clarisse transformed!

Hearing the she-wolf, Lia immediately went to save Matteo from Clarisse. Seeing Lia, Matteo also ran to save the girl he truly loves. But when they were about to meet, Lia immediately transforms into a werewolf!

Two werewolves fight! Matteo witnessed the battle between the two she-wolves, Lia and Clarisse in the middle of the dark forest!

Finally, the she-wolf Lia won over the she-wolf Clarisse! They bite one another! In the end, Clarisse fell! Then immediately Clarisse returned to her human form. Lia followed. The two women were unconscious and undressed!

Let us once again watch this exciting and significant chapter of "Imortal"! For the benefits of the Filipinos abroad (OFW) and for those who missed this episode last night, here once more this complete "Imortal" Chapter 42 or November 30 episode! Thanks to mOuRningd0ve2 for uploading this video! It's such a great and amazing chapter! Two thumbs up! C",)

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