Poll Result: Gerald Anderson as 'Tiagong Akyat' is the Most Loved 'Agimat' Hero of this Generation!

Last year 'til this year, the first batch of 'Agimat' heroes or the so called "Mga Tagapagmana ng Agimat" was launched! And four hunky young man received it!

Gerald Anderson, Coco Martin, Jolo Revilla, and Jake Cuenca were the first chosen young men! Then portrayed "Tiagong Akyak", "Tonyong Bayawak", "Pepeng Agimat", and "Elias Paniki" respectively! And inline with this, we conducted a poll survey!

And here how our poll survey goes:


And here is the result:

Yup, the Golden Boy and the Primetime Prince of Action Drama Mr. Gerald Anderson won in our poll!

Here is their ranking with the corresponding total votes and percentage equivalent:

1. Gerald Anderson ("Tiagong Akyat") - 457 Votes (45%)

2. Coco Martin ("Tonyong Bayawak") - 391 Votes (38%)

3. Jake Cuenca ("Elias Paniki") - 102 Votes (10%)

4. Jolo Revilla ("Pepeng Agimat") - 59 Votes (5%)

Of the overall total votes of 1009 garnered by this poll, Gerald Anderson who portrayed the character of "Tiagong Akyat" in ABS-CBN fantasy TV series "Agimat Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla" got a victorious 457 total votes or 45%! Great!

The Indie Prince Coco Martin who played the character of "Tonyong Bayawak" placed second to Gerald with 391 total votes or 38%!

Jake Cuenca who portrayed "Elias Paniki" and Jolo Revilla who played "Pepeng Agimat" took the third and the fourth spot respectively! Jake got 102 votes or 10% while Jolo garnered 59 votes or 5%!

Congratulations Mr. Gerald Anderson! A job well-done in portraying this generation's Agimat superhero! You're truly loved by many of the viewers! Nice!

"Tiagong Akyat" was originally played by Sen. Ramon Revilla. Last 2009, ABS-CBN launched the first four new batch of Agimat superheroes. "Tiagong Akyat" was the first hero launched! On the mid-year of 2010, "Elias Paniki" who was played by Jake Cuenca was the last of the four aired on TV! From Gerald to Jake, "Agimat Mga Alamat Ni Ramon Revilla" is really a weekend top-rating TV series both in Mega Manila and in Nationwide TV ratings!

Since Gerald has a very flexible body, his character as "Tiagong Akyat" really fits him! This role further proves that Gerald Anderson is really the Action Prince of Primetime! This TV series also separated Gerald Anderson from his onscreen partner Kim Chiu. Gerald here was paired with Erich Gonzales and Max Eigenmann!

Nice one Gerald! Everybody salutes you! We're looking forward for many more action TV series like this! Two thumbs up! We're excited for your two new TV series namely "Buhawi Jack" and "Bagwis"! Keep it up Geh! More Power! C",)

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